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I hated every second of Twitter before I was on it. I judged those who had it and thought that if I hated Facebook statuses, why would I like this new thing? Sooo I signed up so that I could check it out (you can’t really preview it without having an account) and now I’m addicted. What I like about it is not the constant connection, but how connected it makes you feel. I’ll explain: I follow Shaq and other celebrities as well as many friends from ACU. When Shaq says “I just saw the new Budweiser commercial and thought it was funny” it makes me feel like we are buddies that watch the same shows and commercials and then talk about them. Obviously that isn’t the case but it makes you feel cool anyway. Because of Twitter today, Taylor, Luke and I ate at Little Italy with our new boss man. I tweeted “hey going to church – anyone up for lunch after?” and much to my surprise he responded and ended up eating with us. Crazy. Gives me a lot of respect for him though, when he wants to eat lunch with me, my husband, and random.

At Southern Hills last week, they took about 15 minutes to say bye to their music ministry intern. At the end of this big ordeal of calling his family forward, giving him a blessing, etc. they said “But the good news is, he isn’s leaving! He’ll be here another 2 years!” Oh, excuse me, why did we just have that little fake reception? I have no idea. That was free.

Today though at SH, Phil told us that we could access the scriptures used today from our phones by going to the SH website. It struck me how many people pulled out their phones, but it also made me wonder why every church isn’t keeping up to date with technology. We have these awesome tools we can use by putting our Bibles on our phones, texting our friends to invite them to church during the service, etc, and in some parts of the U.S. churches are still arguing about whether or not they will go to hell for using powerpoint. Unreal. If we have any hope of reaching my generation and beyond, technology has to play an active role…and it can be such an incredible experience with it. Let’s get with it, tweeple.

I’m also currently trying to convince Taylor that I need an iPhone. I just feel that it will really enhance my current state of being. That, and I’d be able to check Twitter constantly. Yesssss.

3 thoughts on “Twitter & iPhones

  1. Luke Truxal

    Sarah you got my vote for the I-Phone. You need to be updating on Twitter and your blog much more. Good stuff.

  2. brenna

    ok i might be judging you a little bit.. but this can be a conversation that happens on an abilene summer night… like let’s say 29 days from now or so…


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