Skanky & Weddings

A nice young lady came in to campus visits today wearing the most unbelievable dress. It was a string bikini top and almost completely backless. I guess it was supposed to be a sundress….but I almost saw her hoo-hoos. It might have been the tackiest thing I’ve seen worn on our campus before….and it was a senior in high school. Denied for admission…I wonder why!

Her outfit was slightly less awkward than the nice girl who decided to take her senior portraits in a white string bikini next to the lake. She then moved on to Jacob’s Dream. In a bikini. In the middle of the day. That is outrageous.

I had 3 friends get married on Saturday. We have about a kazillion weddings to go to this summer, and it just weird. I guess it was crazy for all of my friends when I got married, but now it’s my turn to be weirded out. We’re getting old I think. I saw the wedding pictures of a friend of mine from Memphis, and she looked like a grown woman. How did this happen? It seems like just yesterday I would go to the park and hang out with Sam or go to MK’s and swim for hours on end. Now we’re all in completely different states with spouses. As soon as that thought gets normal, we’ll start poppin out babies. What in the world is happening to the time?!

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