Singing & Homework

We went to Southern Hills instead of Highland yesterday for church. I just liked it so much better. We stayed at Highland to hear Mike, but now he’s not there. I always feel more at home at SH, even if no one talks to us. There is a spirit of community there that you can feel whether you are a part of it or not. The next step is to actually get involved this summer…

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Taylor and I have an uncanny knack to sit directly in front of the loudest person at church. You know these people. They sing SO LOUD that you literally have no chance to sing yourself because you can’t even hear if notes are coming out or not. I think God conveniently places us in these situations to teach us patience. When you can’t even hear yourself think, let alone try to sing..whew. It gets me. I’m serious, too. It doesn’t matter where we are or whether we sit down first or loudy sits down first. Our eardrums somehow always end up inches away. I understand that these people are enjoying worship and love to sing, but sometimes it is excessive. Because we think that way, though, I guess God situates us there for a reason. It doesn’t help that we get really giggly when something funny happens, either. It’s just not a good equation all the way around and my ears can’t hear by the time we leave.

This person is almost as bad as the “sniffler” or even worse, the “throat-clearer”. (I actually just cleared my throat after I wrote that. Oops.) But this is the person who sits next to you in class and sniffs or clears their throat the entire length of the period. Chronic sniffers should only be allowed to take online courses.

So I was working on my homework the other day and I got up to do something. This is what happened next…
Mack decided to finish my paper for me! What a dear heart.

So I’m working on this project for Cisco, TX. They are a thriving metropolis with a whopping 3,679 people. They are wanting to build an outlet mall to attract commuters driving along I-20 between Abilene and DFW, as well as retain their college population from leaving on the weekends. Basically our job is to tell them nicely, “That will never happen.” I found this interesting…Grand Prairie is building a new outlet mall and the target market 10 miles around this new mall has an average household income of $77,689. Cisco’s median HH income? $28,005. Yikes. Poor Cisco. They have a beautiful lake….maybe they should promote that instead of build a multi-million dollar outlet mall. Or maybe just build a Dollar General. Doesn’t every good small town have one?

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