Shopping & Graduation

I just went around Abilene looking for summer-esque clothes. I absolutely abhor shopping here. Two observations though: Boom and Fashions by JJ are the two funniest stores in the whole mall. There’s about 3 shirts, 2 pants and 80 necklaces. They also choose to advertise using metallic mannequins. There’s also a thriving retail outlet that is called “Corn Dog”. I saw a shirt in Monk’s yesterday with my mom that said “Only Abilene – what happens here, leaves here.” That’s very fitting for this silly little metropolis. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without at Boom.

I graduated on Saturday. From college. With a bachelor’s degree. Now…what in the world am I going to do with my life? And who in the world decided that long black and white robes complete with ridiculous hats would be the most appropriate attire for such a big day? How has someone not come up with a better idea 500 years later? And Rick Lytle or Royce Money? That outfit is just absurd.

This weekend with my family was really fun. It’s really tiring though trying to organize two different sides of the family for a whole weekend. They need to invent a physical version of the Urban Spoon application that I can use – without an iPhone. Half the time when people come to visit, everyone just stands around debating about where to eat. Americans spend about 77% of their time eating, talking about eating, working out to get rid of the fat from what they ate, or thinking about where to eat next. It can be quite exhausting.

The moral of the story is that I am still in Abilene. Come hang out with us.

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