P-90x, Tours, & Bona Fide

I think I might hate this man:

This, ladies and gents, is the man that will ruin your life. P90x has to be the hardest workout ever. I think I’d rather be fat. Seriously, we did not even half of the Ab Ripper X today and I could barely lift my legs to get into the shower afterwards. It’s ridiculous. No human should voluntarily put their body through his entire workout.

How do you go from absolutely nothing to do to running around like a chicken with your head cut off? No idea, but it happened today. We had 6 or 7 families total today, but Laura was sick and so it was just me and Houston who is still training. 2 campus tours and 3 residence hall tours later…. that’s a way to get burned out quickly. We had some cool visitors today though. I wanted a few of them to come to ACU so badly. I also talked a boy out of visiting Hardin-Simmons in the afternoon…he came back and met with business instead. Maybe I should go into sales…

So I’m wondering when Taylor and I will be a bona-fide married couple. We’re in this awkward stage of “too young to hang out with the real married people yet too far removed from good friends that are just dating seriously”. It’s just frustrating sometimes. We really need to get plugged in to a mentoring group or something because we are the role models for all of our aged friends yet we have no one older to bounce things off of. Getting married when we did was perfect for us but its causing some kinks getting involved. We graduated but are still working the same student-worker jobs so its just kind of an awkward time. It’s kind of like the prophet-in-his-own-hometown kind of a thing. I think we’re ready to move on.

On a side note, I followed C.J. Wilson from the Rangers on Twitter and I want him to reply to me. He is my favorite player because he’s super weird and wears Vans and is kind of a freak. Exactly why I like him. I’ll keep you posted on if it works for me or not.

I told this lady today that most people’s brains are like sponges but I thought mine was more like swiss cheese. She then followed it up with “Mine is more like a strainer – catching the big things only.” I agreed with her and decided hers was a much better analogy, but the point still remains that I can be so retarded because I don’t think before I speak. I lost my phone this afternoon and could not for the life of me find it. I was at work and kept calling it from the work phone, used Houston’s phone to call it, asked everyone if they’d seen it, called Taylor and had him check his truck twice, etc. Finally when it was time to leave I just kept saying, “I can’t leave until I find it…I just can’t find it.” It was in my purse… my very large, very absorbing purse. Wow.

Luke is staying the weekend with us. I dare you to come over for hamburgers and hotdogs tomorrow night.

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  1. KPE

    I LOVE your blogs. I also completely agree about the awkward stage of being too young to hang out with real married couples, but removed from your old friends. Thankfully the church we are attending in Dallas now has small groups for those married 0-3 years. They put 5-7 married couples with a couple that has been married 5 or more years..we start this coming Thursday. I pray you two can find something or someone you can connect with as Mr. & Mrs. Brooks!


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