HTML Colors & Nerd-Alerts

Redesigned blog. Like it? It only took me about 3 hours. I looked at every website known to man that gives information on html color codes and website design codes. I feel like my brain could explode. I found the background on a blog design site and then altered it some. I think I could have gone into computer science. I kind of like figuring out how to do things like that. Taylor for sure does…maybe we should become anti-social and open a computer store.

I’ll have you know, by the way, that the font used in my blog is none other than MY own handwriting. Taylor let me make a font for Christmas so the font you see is Mrs. Brooks.

While I was working on my blog, I had the music going pretty loud and I started singing – also pretty loud. I was jammin along by myself trying to decode these stupid things and occasionally going off the beaten path by showcasing my singing abilities. I’d throw in a few extra notes here and there and harmonize every now and again. It didn’t matter because Taylor was outside on the phone so it was just me and Mack. After a while of my singing, Taylor says, “Hey – do you think you could turn that down?” OH…that’s embarrassing…you were sitting on the chair reading the whole time, huh? I laughed so hard I cried. It was more of a I’m-glad-you’re-already-stuck-with-me-but-that’s-super-humiliating-still kind of a laugh. Good times.

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