Addictions, Rangers & Ozarks

So as it turns out I didn’t at all change the look of my blog. Apparently my hard work didn’t pay off when reading my blog anywhere other than my computer. I promise all the fonts looked awesome on my screen though. Crap. I guess the background is still okay.

I ended up buying an iPhone. I love every second of it too. I added about 3 pages of apps in the first few hours and have been adding and deleting since. I knew I had a problem, however, after I woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat worrying about if I downloaded the app or not. This is bad news. Taylor is also slightly addicted – every time I set the phone down for one second he picks it up and starts playing with it. Coolest thing about the phone: the Bloons app. I played it on and now it is right on my phone. Sweet.

This weekend we drove to Fort Worth to go to the Ranger/Yankee game with Luke. The game was on Monday, so we decided to go up on Sunday early to lay out by the pool and hang out with our friends that night. It wasn’t a problem, because Taylor’s parents were on their anniversary trip. We pull up to their house in NRH only to see Wes & Ellen’s car. We called again and told them we were coming to FW (even though we were right outside) and they told us they not only hadn’t gone on the trip but Taylor’s sister and brother-in-law had come to visit and brought their dog. Whoops…ruined that party. It was interesting with Mack and Blanco together but it was fun.

The Ranger game was so bloody hot that I got a full frontage burn on all exposed skin. They also lost 11-1 to the Yankees. Way to go, Rangers! Also, I tweeted about CJ Wilson but yet again he didn’t respond. One day he’ll reply – I know it.

Houston and I gave a tour today to two families: a football player and a music major. Sometime over the course of the tour, Music’s family started talking about some Ozark college whose curfew is 10 p.m. (curfew meaning lights out) and who locks up freshman cars on Sunday night until the next weekend. All week the cars cannot be accessed. When I was alone with Football, I begged him not to compare Ozark with ACU. ACU has rules that seem strict compared to other schools, but Harding for goodness sake doesn’t even let students live off campus or wear shorts to class. That’s just a little bit outrageous. Yes, you do have curfew one year at ACU and yes you are required to attend chapel daily, but at least we don’t make cookie cutter students – you can at least have a zillion piercings, tattoos and a mohawk while you do it. Thank goodness for ACU letting us be our own person and have our own beliefs. I wish next time Music would save the Ozark talk for when Football isn’t around – it sort of ruins the experience.

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