Wings & Money

I almost became a vegetarian tonight. It was very close to being final. I looked up a recipe for wings tonight because we bought some delicious chicken at Wal-Mart. I go to the store and buy the wing sauce, get home and open the chicken. Hooooly crap! There are actual full-length flying wings in our fridge. Maybe this is normal for most people, but I’m new to this homemaking stuff so I google “how to cut chicken wings” and it gets very straightforward instructions. Luckily, someone gave us some killer knives and I got the largest meat cleaver I could find. As I gag, I try to pull apart the wing and I realize that I can almost see this chicken’s beady little eyes telling me how I should be eating vegetables and fruit for dinner instead. I realized you actually have to saw through the bone – which is absolutely repulsive – so I just slammed that thing down as hard as I could to make a good clean break. Taylor said it was his favorite meal…and the chicken was pretty good in the end…but I think if I have more encounters with butchering almost-live animals, I might decide that meat is overrated. At least while I’m cooking.

I have a love-hate relationship with International Business. I love what we talk about but I hate it because I always leave feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Today we talked about how Denmarkers (you heard it) are the most happy people in the world. They had some big elaborate reason why, but really we just ended up talking about America again and how we are greedy and in it for the money and material stuff. In this video, the Danish guy said, “Americans just need to not worry about money, but rather doing something they love.” HEELLLLOOO that’s what I tell all these people who try to help me find a job. I just don’t care about the paycheck. If I did, I wouldn’t have worked in ACU Campus Visits at $5.15/hr. Thank goodness they raised minimum wage but still I would work there as long as it covered my bills. Now that I’m getting out into “the real world”, I keep telling these career experts that I guess I want to go non-profit, because I have to care about what I’m doing. Chances are, I’m not going to be passionate about being the top Cutco knife salesman in the United States. However, put me in a place where people matter and social justice is at the forefront and I will thrive. I guarantee I can sell…I just need to be passionate about what I’m selling or where I’m working. People think I’m nuts – even the “career experts” – and it’s about to drive me crazy.

I’ve narrowed it down to a list of the jobs I think I might love (None are very likely but who cares):
1. Travelling professionally and taking others with me to broaden worldviews & help others experience what I have
2. Opening a Wayside Waif in Texas…possibly a dog spa also. Don’t judge.
3. Running a business with Taylor that helped the poor find sustainability
4. Cooking tours around the world (I mean it would be fun, right?!)
5. Starting my own marketing/management/people-centric consulting firm for churches & non-profits
6. Managing partner at Ernst & Young (sike…that’s just in there for Taylor)
7. Being a professional youth volunteer that goes on all trips and acts as the “fun” one

That’s it for right now. I’m sure I’ll think of others. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.

3 thoughts on “Wings & Money

  1. brenna

    i’m so glad you have referred me to this blog. i love reading about your life and cant wait until we’re discussing spirituality over some chicken wings this summer… can we get them from wing stop though?

  2. Amy

    sarah!! i think that the idea of helping the poor find sustainability is an EXCELLENT idea that you would be really good at and i would love to help at a place like that. so do it.


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