Wildcat Preview Days & Faith

Today was my last…very last Wildcat Preview Day. It would have been kind of sad had I not been exhausted from staying up late last night to finish a take-home test. Either way, it was a good day and I met some cool kids. I just want to shake sense into everyone and say “Come to ACU, stupid!!!” And by stupid I mean bright young adults that will surely excel here. I hate leaving work feeling like I haven’t given it everything though, and that’s how I left today. I had about 110% fake energy which bothered me, but what can you do. I also get tired of making suggestions or offering advice that falls on deaf ears. We can’t see our office improve if we aren’t willing to address problems as they arise. Making generic comments in meetings or sending out vague e-mails doesn’t necessarily fix personal problems. I don’t think I always have the answer by any means, I just wish I could be content with how things are. I guess that’s how God made me different but still…mediocrity makes me cringe.

I talked to George Pendergrass today for a little while and he asked what I was doing after college. I told him I didn’t know and I described a little about what I would like to do. I told him – yet another adult – that the money didn’t matter as much as my passion for what I was doing. He understood maybe a little more than others did but it wasn’t until my conversation with him that it dawned on me why I seem so different in that regard than all my peers. The answer: my parents. I think today I fully realized what an incredible gift I was given with my parents. I knew all along that they were way better than most parents and that I could tell them most anything (by the way I’m on drugs, Mom) but today I realized one incredible lesson I learned and that is Faith. Sunday school teachers talk about it, entire volumes are devoted to the subject but no one can really explain it. It’s just something you have to witness for yourself. My parents were the kind of people that would take jobs without knowing the salary but rather by listening to God and His plan. Talk about faith…phew. Now I know why I sound like an idiot when I tell people the same thing. I learned it from my faith-walking parents and now I’m walking the same way. Even when I wait on decision and don’t feel at “peace”…whether I acknowledge it or not I am walking by faith. Man, what a gift. Thanks Sparks family. I guarantee I’m in the minority of children who learned such a valuable lesson by witnessing it first hand.

Enough sappies for the day. Taylor and I almost died on a run tonight (not really but I think my body would rather be chunky than forced into exercising) and we took Mack with us. We stopped to talk to Lindsay and Kat and Mack figured out that he could back up far enough to wear his fatso neck skin would slide out of his collar. We looked like idiots chasing our dog but luckily (thanks to Papa) we taught him to come back. We got his collar and leash back on and Taylor just kept saying “BAD DOG BAD DOG” over and over again. Finally I was like, Taylor…you gotta hand it to him – that was smart. He’s quite the sneaky catdog.

In case anyone is wondering…I’m graduating from a university in 12 days. I just hope I make it through this week.

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  1. Amy

    you’ll make it. and life might kinda suck for a while after but you will make it through that too. you are lucky you get to keep living with your best friend. i’m so glad i found your blog sarah sparks.


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