Taylor made

Anyone hear the song “Tailor Made”? I like to think she meant Taylor….like my Taylor. This post is dedicated to why I love my husband and why everyone should appreciate him like I do. Let’s start by saying he doesn’t have a mohawk anymore…

I always wondered why God put us together on the VERY first day at ACU. Really? Is that a joke? I had a super-great plan about finding the man of my dreams somewhere along the way but not dating seriously until my senior year at the earliest. Lo-and-behold I met him through his ex-girlfriend through our parents through Harding University’s social clubs. (It’s a long story) When I met him I thought he surely had to be a jerk because he was too good-looking to be a nice guy. Even on our first hang-out I thought “well he sure is dreamy so I’ll go out with him because he’s attractive but that will be it”. As it turned out…I was wrong. Thank goodness.

Approximately 3 years, 8 months, and 4 days later…I’m married to the most wonderful man. He treats me unbelievably well and he will forever be loyal and faithful. One of his main priorities is being the best provider he can. Not many people can say that their spouse puts others’ needs before theirs, but I can. Although on occasion I just want to splurge and buy a shirt…he works so hard to provide the best for us. His job is making memory foam pillows. Why? Because it’s an income and he’s not too cool or above certain positions. When he heard that ACU needed a “transportation specialist” and he knew it would be extra money, he jumped at the chance. He’s now a pillow-making golf cart boy and I love him for that. Not many people can say either that their spouse is humble or not above certain titles or positions.

These types of jobs are typically reserved for high school dropouts, addicts and the like. At least that’s what we imagine. Taylor will graduate college in 4 years with a bachelor’s and master’s of accounting. He has rougly a 3.8 GPA, got offers to intern with 3 of the big 4 accounting firms, and is working for E&Y in Ft. Worth in October. He’s good at just about anything he does – which, if I weren’t so stinkin’ proud of him, would make me want to barf. He is incredibly talented and yet he cares nothing about appearances or materialistic crap.

He loves our dog. May sound stupid, but if he cares that much about a mutt dog with a half-black tongue and scary hair, I know he’ll be an awesome father. Just like his dad, Taylor has strong convictions that are unwavering. He cares for people others don’t, he has patience to deal with extremely testing individuals, and he constantly looks for the good in others…even when I try my best to complain about situations or friends. He challenges me to be nonjudgmental, loving, and patient.

He eats ice cream like a little boy, plays MLB baseball video games for hours on end, puts cans and other trash in the sink instead of the trash can, leaves the toilet seat up, has a nerdy obsession with computers and how they work, is the most loyal and dedicated friend you could have, makes excel spreadsheets for any occasion, gets talkative at night when I’m trying to sleep, tickles me until I want to punch him, can’t go out to eat without ordering appetizers and enough food for the city of Abilene, talks relentlessly in his sleep, wears the same pair of jeans for weeks on end, loves to read and do crosswords, laughs so hard he almost cries, and I couldn’t be more in love with him.

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  1. Nedra

    You go, girl. What a great tribute to a wonderful man. God blessed you both so much by bringing you together. You two are good stuff.


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