Sims, Ideas, & COBA

Oops. We bought the Sims and I can’t stop playing. It’s the dumbest game and I think “oh I’ll just play until they reach gold aspiration” (don’t know what I’m talking about? Good.) but I end up playing forever. Taylor has his baseball game so we make the lamest couple just playing our stupid games. I think I just love the fact that I am not having to think and I get to decorate virtual houses. And shop. It’s kind of a racy game though that should never be promoted for children. I’ll keep that in mind when the little blueberries (anyone??) come along.

Do you ever have a really good idea and someone else just takes it and runs with it all the while pretending it was theirs? Man that makes me frustrated. I think God constantly surrounds me with testing people to change my attitude. I think he puts people in my life that push all of my buttons just so I will learn to love even when it is hard. Of my top ten list of most obnoxious traits (whistling, singing American-Idol-style out loud, constant tapping, making mouth smacking noises, and saying “aaaaaawwwwkwaaarrrddd” when things really aren’t, just to name a few…) God puts people in my life that hit up all 10 at the same time. Quite the humbling experience when you finally realize you were being a turd all along. I just wish sometimes God would write me a nice note to teach me a lesson or maybe just let me think I’m right for once. Just kidding but really…maybe the more obnoxious I act towards others, the more obnoxious of a situation or a lesson I will be taught.

I’m T – 2 weeks away from graduation and I hope I can make it. I know that I’m so close to ending this madhouse we call school. This is my second semester in a row to take 18 hours and I am about to croak. What’s the worst about taking that many hours is the classes that are so pointelss you want to scream. It’s my senior year…how do I still have joke classes? What I’ve been so impressed with is the fact that even though I’ve had boring professors in COBA, I’ve never taken one class in which I didn’t learn a thing. I sure did take several in other buildings that were you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me types. I’m about to the limit of absences before I get dropped in almost all of my classes. The worst part is that I don’t care at all. Yikes.

In my Intro to Business class first semester Junior year, I knew I was really going to like this thing we call the College of Business Administration. At the same time, I also started learning about how to make a profit. Shortly thereafter I realized that I just don’t care about making a lot of money. Maybe I’m in the wrong field…sorry parents! Either way, I’ve absolutely loved my time there and I’m sad I’ve only had 2 years there instead of a normal 4. I get nervous that I should have been paying closer attention in various classes and that once someone hires me as a marketer I’ll realize I don’t really know what I’m doing. Will someone find me a job where I can just consult on what I know, work when I want, and travel the world…all while taking my husband? Great. Thanks.

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