School, Siggies, & Shoes

I’m sitting in my accounting class right now. My very last accounting class. Ever. Suuuuuch a relief. I love my professor …. and by that I mean that I think he’s a nice man. I superly hate his class though. He’s one of those that gets a hold of a joke and just holds on for dear life. When we start packing up before class is actually over (he’s also one of those that keeps you right up until the EXACT moment class is supposed to be over) he’ll say “Ok church, don’t get your songbooks out, I’m still preaching” or something like that. Maybe funny the first time but definitely not the next 25 times. He’s also one of those that gets to telling a story that may have one tiny aspect relative to our class so he spends about 20 minutes telling an analogy but by the end you have no idea what that has to do with accounting. Oh well…this is my very last class and my second to last day of undergraduate classes EVER.

Last night we had our senior thing. I thought I might maybe cry but I sure did just bawl when we started singing our “secret song”. (this song is so secret that while pledging our VP said “THIS IS A SECRET – NEVER TELL ANYONE” as her man-friend sat in the room listening with us) The seniors on the first 3 rows were sniffling substantially until our sponsor came by as if she were putting on a persformance and grabbed all of our pinkies. She walked the outside of the aisles and grabbed all Siggies pinkies really dramatically – a silent way to say “with Siggie love”. It was hilarious and not remotely special. Either way, I can’t wait to come back for Bid Night, Homecoming, and Sing Song. I’m already planning a road trip. It’s exciting to move on and leave club to these girls but I’m also excited to be “that Siggie” that comes back for events.

I have a beef with the kid that sat in front of me in Crisp’s class and with this kid that sits near me now. Every single day in my class last semester, this boy would turn around in his seat (pretending to stretch) and would stare at my shoes and then work his way up to making eye contact and then would turn around really quickly. He did that every @#$# day in class and it made me want to punch him because a) I don’t like feet so quit looking at mine and b) why do you insist on looking at my shoes every day. Creeper. This kid today has done it three times already….does someone have something to tell me about my feet and/or my shoe choices? Weird.

Tonight is the Christmas party at the McCaleb’s (we missed it a while back…so now it’s Christmas in April). Wish me luck. I’m so close to being done…..

4 thoughts on “School, Siggies, & Shoes

  1. Nedra

    6:40am??? Are you kidding me? If I tried to post at 6:40am the whole thing would consist of “ummm…[yawn]…well…[yawn]…hmmmm…what is today?…Wednesday?…no, wait…[yawn]…I can do this….”
    You are definitely way more into this blog thing than I am.


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