Roses, Lancaster, & Africa

Our rose bush is dying. How can we plant something 1 month ago and it already keel over? Everything else seems to be ok but my goodness. It’s really quite embarrassing.

So these girls came today to visit from Lancaster, TX. I now remember why I love my job. First off, they were really funny. One girl brought her mom, 2 aunts, and a friend. They loved ACU so much that they cried, jumped up and down, and told me they fell in love with me. It’s times like today that I remember what a crazy incredible place this is, and why I love my job – all 60 hours a week of it. (slight exaggeration, but really..)

I had a dad about a month ago come up to me at the desk and say, “so I heard you talking about downtown Abilene. Where are some good 18 and up places for us to go tonight?” Oh…excuse me, sir? Is that a joke? Did you forget what university you were currently touring? So to answer his question (I was only talking about the thriving metropolis on the south side – like the mall) I was trying to say vague restaurants like Chili’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc. that had a bar but weren’t too awkward to say outloud. He of course proceeded to ask which bars were only in Abilene. He kept pressing me so my options either were to quietly talk to him or send him to the public computers where the rest of the guests were. Long story short, I end up on the Guitars website (classy) when over walks the Director of Admissions. That’s embarrassing. Did I mention, also, that this same dad took a smoke break during the Jacob’s Dream part of the tour with Dani? Hilarious.

I talked to a lady on the phone yesterday about jobs in Fort Worth and she had been to the Village of Hope. We talked for a while about what she was doing and about my internship and it made my heart hurt. I want so badly to go back and to take Taylor, mom, & Jared. It’s such an incredible place and I think I never fully brought my whole heart back to the U.S. when I left.

Speaking of, in Winegeart’s class the other day, we were talking about America like we normally do. It’s international business so of course we bring up the country we live in right along with the others. Basically what was said is that America was built on Christian principles and we have become so far removed from that. Everyone knows this, but we listened to a lecture by a guy who used to be a laywer in the Bush Senior administration. He presented quote after quote after quote from the founding fathers and other old-timers about the original intentions for our country. Interestingly enough, in 1859 Darwin introduced his book about evolution. In 1869, a new president took over Harvard and brought evolution theory into law. Harvard originally had a mission that said something like “we will educate and teach the truth and bring all students to know Jesus Christ”. Sometime over the past 150 years, their motto has been shortened to “truth”. So in 1902-ish, a supreme court dude brought evolution to the government and the idea that law is an ever-evolving concept, separate from religion. In 1906, ACU was founded. The point? Before 1906, there was no need for Christian colleges because every university was a Christian one. We then started talking about Christianity and how we’re all compromising our values and becoming unsure of the definition of “absolute truth”. Basically, it was very thought provoking and I came home and asked Taylor what we were going to do with our lives to bring heaven to earth. Any ideas? How can a country come so far…and how can a people come so far….and how do we get back?

I don’t know, but I’m eating some delicious sandwiches with Belinda and Taylor tonight so I invite you to come discuss it over dinner.

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