Catdog & Sexies

Title in reference to that stupid show on Nickelodeon: So I heard this rustling around the other day while Mack was finding a place to lay (he’s 70 pounds so it’s quite the process). I turn around to look and sure enough my dog has found a nice place on the back of the couch. Unbelievable. We’re borderline obsessed with our dog so much so that Taylor and I were eating breakfast and he was thinking about dropping our kids off at college and becoming empty-nesters, (maybe a little ahead of himself..) so I told him, naturally, that was a weird thought and how we’re empty-nesters right no. His response? “No we aren’t” as we both look over at our dog sitting as stoic as possible next to the table where he knows we’ll feed him 1/2 of our plate at most every meal if he just works his charm. Behold our catdog:

So last night I went to the 2nd of 6 lingerie showers I’m going to in the next week. Majority of these showers are for THWAD members (the pod in Barrett Hall) and it is weird to me that everyone is getting hitched. I’m excited for them but it’s overwhelming the amount of money and time that will be devoted to showers & weddings this summer. Phew. It was so good, though, to hang out with those girls. Hard to believe our 4 years at ACU are almost up. I can’t wait to come back though….I want to be “that person” that can afford to pay for kid’s to go to ACU. Maybe we’ll be kazillionaires and be able to do that. I feel sure that I’ve given enough to the school already though to have some sort of a monument or maybe a building in my name. That’s not too much to ask, right?

I love meeting new people. If I see a weirdo person on campus, my immediate thought is “I want to talk to them”. I don’t know why. There’s a guy named Duran on campus that always wears silly sweatpants and an Indiana Jones hat & settler boots. I just love the guy. He’s really smart and so nice if you just talk to him. If it weren’t for that obscure obsession with meeting new and different people, I wouldn’t have most of the multicultural friends I have. We white folk stick to our kind pretty good. Well I guess everyone does. Like I told LYNAY in my senior speech though, if you don’t like people that are different – culturally and ethnically – you’re going to be in a heap of hurt in heaven. So much can be learned from other cultures and I want to learn it all. I mean we had a small Korean man sing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” at our rehearsal dinner, for goodness sake. What would our lives be like without Steve-Chan and the way he pronounced words. Ribrlaly? Oh…he means library. He seriously is one of my favorite people ever and I just wouldn’t have met him had it not been for ACU and its multiculturality (college dollars well spent on that word…thanks mom).

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  1. Nedra

    Is that even a word? Of course, a case could be made for your brilliance in creating it, which would be more accolades for ACU.
    By the way, I love my granddog.


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