Air Conditioners, Planes, & Signage

Taylor has been suffering in his truck for a while now. The AC went out and he didn’t want to get it fixed because it would cost too much money. He has been sweating profusely every day for the past several weeks (maybe even months) because he wouldn’t get it fixed. We still drive his truck just as much though, so today I got in with my Ferrero Rocher in hand on our way to eat. I dropped the stupid ball of chocolate so we had to pull over and dig around in the floorboard so the chocolate wouldn’t met. While we were digging around he found some wires hanging down from below the dash. You probably see where this is going. Long story short, he plugged this thing in and his AC is working like a charm. That’s embarrassing. We would have taken it to someone who would have charged $300 to “fix” what really just needed to be plugged back in.

So about 2 years ago on a flight back from Ghana I met a man named Rob. He was a nice, young guy that struck up a conversation about where I was headed, etc. I told him I was coming back from Africa and that I was going to be a junior at ACU. He thought it was really cool that I had been there all summer so I showed him my pictures and talked about the experience. He asked what I wanted to do and I told him “Ohhh I don’t know. Maybe work for someone like World Vision or somebody that deals with Africa but is based in the states.” He then spouts out “Well my wife works for them so let me give you her contact information.” Fast forward 2 years, I’m graduating in 10 days, am unemployed with no real prospects, and am definitely moving to Fort Worth. So this lady comes to talk to our Marketing classes and introduces us to this dumbwad “LinkedIn” thing. She says its like Facebook for businesses so I get an account. I hate every second of it, but I somehow come across a guy named Rob that lives in Fort Worth and works for a consulting firm. I dig through my old stuff and find the contact information he gave me. I match his name and decide what-the-heck I’ll send him an e-mail. I tell him we met, I never contacted his wife, I’m moving to FW, blah blah blah. He sends me an e-mail back today saying that he would forward on my message to his wife (who is still with World Vision) and she will contact me. WAHOO! I don’t even know if anything will happen but the chain of events that led to today’s e-mail was incredible to me. Even if nothing happens, I was smiling all morning thinking to myself, “Eat that suckers!” (literally I was thinking that) because of all the people who have discouraged me from waiting for a time when I felt at peace. I promise you…my method is proven. So back off, ACU surveys. Even though I don’t have a job and I’m graduating in a week and a half, I’m going to be ok.

We were driving back from Abuelo’s and saw a sign that said “Far wood fer sale”. Awesome, Abilene. We saw another that gave the location for a certain business on “Industrail Blvd”. I guess they meant Industrial. Oops. I could make a killing off being a spellchecker for local businesses. (and most Chinese restaurants)

I’m speaking a small bit at club tonight in the senior farewell thing. I don’t know what to say. I would like to think that our senior class has made an impact, which they have, but in reality….club will go on. Surprise! ACU will go on too without us. I think most people assume we’re leaving school and club in a huge mess because we’re all graduating. News flash: life moves on without us. It’s going to be so great to say goodbye but I’m excited for the underclassmen to have a time to shine and to lead like we did. It’s time to move on…

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  1. Nedra

    Taylor Brooks, Mechanic. Is there anything that guy can’t do?
    Also, I think we should start a list of sings, I mean signs, like the above. Websites would definitely need to be included.
    Graduation in 9 days!


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